Thursday, December 11, 2014

Communications/Marketing Internship

Communications/Marketing Internship

Proposed schedule – Diagnostic Energy Auditors of Western PA (DEAWP)

10-week / 150-hour internship


Phase I / Weeks 1 – 3

Week 1 – 2:  Introduction and orientation – home performance and residential energy diagnostics industry

  • Orientation with Elizabeth Edelstein; and members of DEAWP through face-to-face meeting(s)
  • Research of the industry and other issues (list of topics, suggested list of websites to begin with, list of industry jargon will be provided, case studies—home performance work done by DEAWP members), understanding of which will be crucial for the duration of the internship

Week 3: Research

  • Create Excel spreadsheets (or Mac Numbers spreadsheets) of the following
    • Local publications, with contact info, that will be appropriate for marketing efforts
    • Professionals (certified and non-certified) that are potential clients for DEAWP classes
      • There is an existing database of information to begin this element from, it will require review for accuracy (some information may be outdated) and then student will add to database


Phase II / Weeks 4 – 8

Work products created

  • Items to be created:
    • Story(ies) about home performance publications (from list created)
    • Marketing plan for DEAWP classes for professional
    • Write up of testimonials from the case study homeowners
    • Advertising collateral needed for DEAWP’s activities and classes—public presentations (such as the one last year at East End Food Co-op)
  • On-site supervisor will complete and submit mid-term intern evaluation form, as specified in the Student Agreement and Release Form and Host Supervisor Agreement Form
    • Student is responsible for submission of mid-term internship portfolio


Phase III / Weeks 9 -10

Review, editing and finalizing work products, formal presentation

  • Review, edit and fine-tune all work products with Elizabeth, who will coordinate with DEAWP members
  • Finalize all of the above in coordination with Elizabeth and the DEAWP executive committee
  • Review marketing plan with Elizabeth, who will coordinate with DEAWP members
  • If time allows, the 10-minute formal presentation required will be presented at a DEAWP monthly meeting or executive committee meeting
  • On-site supervisor will complete and submit the Final Intern Evaluation Form by the date specified on the Student Agreement and Release Form
    • Student is responsible for submission of final internship portfolio and scheduling presentation of the formal presentation in class

Friday, December 5, 2014

Technical Writer Internship at Sloan Lubrication Systems

Company Name
Sloan Lubrication Systems
168 Armstrong Dr.
City, State, Zip
Freeport, PA 16229
Number of Employees
Web Address
Contact Person Name
Ryan LeFevre
Contact Person Title
Quality Manager
Contact Person e-mail
Neighborhood or Municipality
Northpointe Industrial Park
Closest Bus Route, if known
Internship Job Title:
Technical Writer
Check the box that best describes this internship:
Bench top assembly, auditing, documentation and/or qualification of manufacturing processes
Shipping and receiving assistance
Enhancing web-based tools, social media updates, databases
Desktop publishing and other internal and external communications
Assisting sales with documentation and follow-up
Assisting other departments with special projects or administrative duties
Describe the intern’s major responsibilities or tasks:
Create work instructions using a step by step technical approach in documenting manufacturing processes.
Describe the critical skills and aptitudes required to perform these tasks:
Microsoft Office (word, excel, publisher), ability to interpret assembly drawings. Ability to observe a process and transfer into a detailed instruction.  Must be able to take photos and transfer to Microsoft document.
Describe how you will measure the intern’s work performance:
Review work instructions against actual assembly of manufacturing process.  If approved, document is released for manufacturing use.

Describe what the student should expect to learn at your company:
Technical writing skills up to basic manufacturing engineering, ergonomics, and process improvement.
Who will supervise and mentor the Intern?
Ryan LeFevre
Quality Manager
Phone Number
Check the areas that will be including in the Internship On-Boarding Process:
Company Tour
Job Shadowing
Self-Guided Training
On the Job Training
Describe the Internship Schedule (100 total hours of internship experience at $8/hour is funded by grant)
Flexible.   Daylight 7:30am-4:00pm  Tuesday, Thursday, Friday